'Backbone marketing' is the focus on the core channels that really move the needle. These consist of paid media, email, UX and CRO, covering the user journey from start to finish. We have deep knowledge of all channels and can support through our consultancy; however, as an agency, we focus on providing these backbone channels due to their importance.

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We Specialise In

Backbone Marketing

Paid Search & Google Shopping (01)

It all starts with Google. Our paid search experts have decades of experience profitably scaling eCommerce brands through paid search, from high return campaigns to brand awareness. It's a data-heavy and copy-focused art form which can impact your growth from first-time customer acquisition to increasing lifetime value (LTV) and brand establishment.

Paid Social (01)

We specialise in the establishment and management of highly engaging ads through Facebook and Instagram. Paid social is a vital channel for brand growth. We have worked with a plethora of brands to increase their return on ad spend (ROAS), expand their audience pools, and engage their customers.
Inokim Paid Social Ads
Stackers Paid Social Ads
Mobility Giant Paid Social Ads

Our Approach

  • Tried and tested framework - Although each campaign is different, the foundations are built from our comprehensive framework developed from over £5m+ in ad spend across a variety of brands
  • Actionable data - Increased privacy has made data harder to obtain. Each area of our paid media strategy is built around reliable and actionable data (not vanity metrics)
  • Creative - Cut through the noise through creative thinking and emotive messaging
  • Understanding - Our performance specialists know that paid media is often the start of a customer’s journey. To truly succeed in paid media, you need to understand its implication throughout the user journey and where it sits. From brand awareness to retargeting, paid media is one part of the puzzle
  • Consultancy - Our consultants work alongside our performance specialists to help support and scale performance even further by leveraging their wider knowledge of eCommerce

Email (02)

Harvest and nurture audiences through engaging and educational email automation. Utilising first-party data is a vital part of any successful eCom strategy, from generating leads, and customer engagement, through to conversion and, finally retention; email influences each stage of the customer journey.We support either through one-off setup, strategy, and design or through ongoing channel management and optimisation.

There are multiple factions to successful email marketing, and our email specialists can work with you throughout:
  • Lead generation
  • Email design
  • Automation
  • Audience nurture

CRO & UX (03)

User experience design and conversion rate optimisation has the power to transform all of your marketing efforts. Through strategic testing and the utilisation of quantitative and qualitative data, our UX and CRO specialists build out either one-off or continuous programmes that increase a brand's conversion rate and profitability.

Our UX and CRO experts have helped optimise some of the biggest websites in the world, such as; Burberry, Adobe and Slack. From site-wide navigation to granular checkout optimisations, every percentage point increase in your conversion rate makes a big difference to a brand's growth.Not something that should be sidelined, CRO has a huge impact on performance. At Konsidered this impact is amplified through cross-channel data sharing and partnering with strategic knowledge.

Our UX and CRO programmes comprise of:
  • User feedback and market research
  • UX audits
  • AB split testing
  • Audience nurture
  • Data analysis



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