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Start-up & growth phase eCommerce brand coaching

90-day eCommerce brand accelerator

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
Pre-requisites: £3k+ p/m eCom revenue
Length: 90 days

Growth Hub

What's included?

1:1 coaching with Jamie and his team with over 20 years experience and £25m+ in eCom sales

Live brand workshops analysing your brand position, market analysis, identity, design etc.

Guided implementation of our 7-figure marketing strategies, including the Backbone Blueprint

Access to our specialist paid ads and design team

Lifetime access to our resources, strategies & frameworks

Is this you?

  • You understand the principles of marketing, but nothing seems to be sticking
  • You’ve put in consistent effort, but sales aren’t growing at the pace you’d expect
  • You’ve created a quality product that solves a problem in your niche
  • You’re stuck in the analysis paralysis phase
  • You've seen initial sales traction, but are struggling to scale further.

An ambitious and driven eCommerce brand owner, passionate about building a purpose-driven brand for the future. Your biggest challenge is not your tenacity or determination - it’s understanding what direction to go in.

When it comes to building and scaling brands online, there is a tonne of information out there that quickly becomes overwhelming and pushes you right back to the start.

Can you relate?

Essentially, you're using a lot of time and energy, but your brand sales aren’t growing. How much is that costing you?

Now imagine...

Having a purpose-driven, and high converting eCommerce brand that is positioned to scale over the long-term.

Be achieving 6 figure months in eCom sales, whilst championing and contributing to a higher purpose without sacrificing performance.

Earning more - working less; running your brand on just 20 hours a week with your clear and digestible strategy.

You’d have a complete system to grow eCom sales and build a brand with purpose.

I help accelerate eCom brands to 6 figs+ per month by growing purpose-driven brands that scale without the use of expensive agencies or sacrificing profit.

eCom Brand Accelerator

1:1 coaching, strategy and implementation

My 90-day brand accelerator for eCommerce is designed to dissect, direct and drive innovative brands to achieve their full growth potential.

Together, we will tailor and implement my four tried and tested eCommerce growth strategies:

1. Performance from Purpose brand framework

2. Backbone Blueprint marketing strategy

3. 4x20 Method growth strategy

4. Fan Club retention strategy

The 4 strategies


Performance from Purpose is a complete brand framework to evolve your brand into a high performing purpose-driven eCom brand for success.

Designed from the lessons learnt growing multiple 7 figure eCom brands.


Designed around the 5 highest performing marketing channels, my Backbone Blueprint will catalyse your eCom growth through efficient and scaleable tactics.

Built from £3m+ in marketing spend and over £25m in eCom revenue.


Working alongside the Backbone Blueprint, our 4x20 Method is designed to double eCom sales through analysing and optimising the four main eCom KPIs.

Sessions, AOV, Conversion Rate and Frequency.


Sales are cool but whats cooler is creating fans that love your brand. We'll implement my Fan Club strategy to take that one sale and turn it into dozens.

Life time value is the life blood of your brand.

Why work with me?

Over the last 9 years, I’ve grown and scaled multiple brands to 7 figures per year. Working with some amazing brands like Stackers, Haeckels, Mobility Giant and Dora Larsen.

I started Konsidered to work closely with a handful of incredible and innovative brands, building high-quality products for our future. Instead of taking on every client with an online presence, I only work with 5 clients at a time - keeping me close to the heart of each brand and driving performance.

Alongside me, you'll gain access to my small team of paid ads, design and growth experts to optimise your growth even further.

This is a partnership.

Free discovery call
Work with jamie

My programme

Phase 1

Establishing your brand for growth, covering:

  • Growth through your purpose
  • Market research: including market position, SWOT, competitor analysis, brand inspiration and customer persona
  • Brand identity: including design, content, values, TOV, story and authenticity (plus personal brand)
  • Website design
Phase 2

Performance from  your backbone marketing channels, covering:

  • Paid media: Google, Meta
  • Organic social
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimisation & user experience
  • Customer success
Phase 3

Scaling your growth even further, covering:

  • Core data analysis and 4x20 Method implementation
  • Complex data dive and utilisation
  • Feedback loop implementation - Hypothesise → Test → Analyse → Repeat
  • Additional channel establishment including (micro-influencers, PR, Pinterest and TikTok)
Phase 4

Grow life time value through retention, covering:

  • Email automation 
  • Loyalty and referral programme build
  • Post purchase paid media 

What you'll get

1:1 Coaching

Weekly coaching to tailor our growth strategies to your brand, as well as continual direct support through Slack.


Brand, marketing, data and scalability workshops to teach you the skills to build a brand and marketing activities for growth.

Expanded services

Website design & user experience expert audit by our senior designer.

Live paid ads expert workshop and ad performance review.


Lifetime access to our proven frameworks, including:
- Backbone Blueprint
- Paid Ads Framework
- Brand Growth Wiki
- CMO Checklist

Free discovery call

Fantastic experience working with Jamie. Highly knowledgable and all round decent person. 👍

- James Major

My Perfect Cinema

Super knowledgable about conversion, optimising and growing brands. Would recommend for businesses small and large who want to grow in this competitive world!

- Steph Tizzard


Super knowledgeable on eCommerce, have learnt so much through Jamie! Would definitely recommend.

- George D


My purpose

I've spent the last 9 years growing some awesome brands and hitting some pretty cool milestones like my first £1m+ month. I have a passion for the environment and community so, last year I decided I wanted to take these skills and help smaller brands grow, those trying to do eCommerce with passion and purpose, but need that helping hand to unlock their potential.

I started my 1:1 Brand Growth Accelerator Programme to do just this 🤛

Sustainability doesn't need to be achieved at the sacrifice of growth.

Strategic Consultancy

eCommerce Consultancy

Our consultant partnership blends brand-side and agency-side experience to create a unique and fully holistic understanding of eCommerce. It’s this wider knowledge base that powers our consultancy and accelerates brand growth sustainably.
We work through various models, either as flexible consultants, fractional CMO or fixed strategy projects.

Learn More
Paid Media

Paid Media

With a core focus on Google, Meta and Amazon, we specialise in creative-focused and results-driven paid media services. Our ad frameworks are designed with specific KPIs to build audiences from true engagement, utilising every penny of investment. It’s this approach that sees short-term results whilst building demand for future growth.

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UX and CRO


Our UX and CRO experts have helped optimise some of the biggest websites in the world. From site-wide navigation to granular checkout optimisations, every percentage point increase in your conversion rate makes a big difference to a brand's growth.

Not something that should be sidelined, CRO has a huge impact on performance. At Konsidered this impact is amplified through cross-channel data sharing and partnering with strategic knowledge.

Learn More

My programme will help you to:


… getting frustrated and feeling lost regarding your eCom growth.

… worrying about how far you still have to go.

… feeling like you need to have all the answers.

… overworking without adding value and moving in the right direction.


… feeling confident and in control of your brand's growth.

… setting clear and achievable growth goals one step at a time.

... focusing on what you love, safe in the knowledge your growth strategies work.

... selling like crazy.

eCom Brand Accelerator

How to join

One-off fee of £2,750, excl. VAT
or three monthly instalments of £916


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